Video sessions available

I provide video sessions to your laptop or mobile using HIPAA compliant telemedicine software. You don't need special software or technical knowledge. I send you an email containing one link to click on each time you have an appointment.

To get started, call, text or Email me today: 07709216100

Client feedback

3. Feb, 2020

‘Made me put my life into a better perspective and think about my life challenges in a different way. Very helpful.

25. Apr, 2019

'This has possibly been the best thing I have done at the right time. It stopped me from spiralling at a point in my life when I needed it.
I've loved working with Pam and think she is possibly the best person I've met in my life when understanding and not judging me.'

25. Apr, 2019

'I was able to understand where certain feelings may be coming from. I was also able to try and focus on what I needed to work on.'

25. Apr, 2019

'Overall thought provoking and positive experience'

4. Oct, 2018

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