Fertility Counselling

I am a Fertility Counsellor trained and qualified with the National Fertility Society.

I hold the NFS Advanced Specialist Fertility Counselling Diploma.


I provide

* Implications Counselling for

-  the Egg Donor

- the Egg Sharer

- the Sperm Donor

- the Egg Recipient

- the Sperm Recipient


Support Counselling


Psychosexual Counselling


Surrogacy Counselling


Welfare of the Child Assessment



Per 50 minute session before 5pm £65 

Per 50 minute session from 5pm £70

Counselling is available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, and on Friday mornings, at Piccadilly House located in Piccadilly Gardens.

Contact Me

If you want to know more or make an appointment, please don't hesitate to contact me 

on 07709 216100  or at pam@arlandcounselling.co.uk